Is it possible for people to come together, share space with one another, and form a community even as they are made up of very different experiences, perspectives, and beliefs? Is it possible to maintain healthy relationships and robust dialogue across diverse identities? Is it possible to experience belonging with people who are different from you?

Level Ground’s answer is, “Yes!” We are committed to creating a curious, empathetic community of people eager to come together because of our differences.

We curate and commission artists of all kinds — filmmakers, poets, storytellers, chefs, dancers, painters, etc. — to share their art with a diverse community of people — young and old, gay and straight, liberal and conservative, religious and atheist, transgender, gender binary, and gender fluid, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, black, caucasian, and hispanic.

This creative, collaborative, and communal experiment in empathy is Level Ground. We are a community creating dialogue, not division.

We hope you'll join us on Level Ground!